TJ JONES | Photographer, Filmmaker, Do-er.

Growing up, my family moved around a lot. Colorado, Oklahoma, Georgia…You’d think I was a military brat but I think my parents had OCD… (Hi guys!) After a few tries, we eventually ended up in Savannah, GA where I was mostly raised. There wasn’t a lot to do there except run in the forest and hang out at Walmart. But it was cool, it gave me more time to craft my imagination. Practicing traditional art at a young age brought me to eventually study animation at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, GA.

Captivated and Inspired by most of what I wasn’t allowed to partake in, growing up the early 90s, the music and entertainment photography/film era holds a special place in my memory bank. I blend nostalgic street style with strong storytelling and use of color theory to produce an energetic look and feel to photography and film.

Specializing in photography, filmmaking, editorial, and production I am no stranger to figuring it out and getting the job done effectively through success AND failures.

Clients and projects have included 2019 Fashion Gallery New York Fashion Week, Nick Cannon’s Wild’nOut, Revivethecool x Public New School, and more.

{Should there be a “Sincerely” here?},