TJ JONES | Photographer, Filmmaker, whatever.

Growing up, my family moved around a lot. Colorado, Oklahoma, Georgia…You’d think I was a military brat but I think my parents had OCD… (Hi guys!) After a few tries, we eventually ended up in Savannah, GA where I was mostly raised. There wasn’t a lot to do there except run in the forest and hang out at Walmart. But it was cool.

Captivated and Inspired by most of what I wasn’t allowed to partake in growing up, the early 90s music and entertainment photography and film era holds a special place in my memory bank. (I wasn’t allowed to watch Rugrats) I blend nostalgic street style/editorial creative direction for a cinematic undertone, heavy with coloring inside the lines.

Clients have included Viacom, Revivethecool x Public New School, and more.

{Should there be a “Sincerely” here?},